• 24 Nov 2013, two new manuscripts in press:
    • Ezard, T. H. G.; Prizak, R. & Hoyle, R. B. (2013). The fitness costs of adaptation via phenotypic plasticity and maternal effects. Funct Ecol in press. doi
    • R.A. Johnstone & B. Kuijper. Kin competition and the evolution of sex differences in development time and body size. Am. Nat. in press.
  • 9-13 December 2013: Workshop on nongenetic effects in Leiden, the Netherlands

TRANSGEN is an EPSRC-funded Maths of Life consortium comprising researchers from the University of Cambridge, the University of Surrey, University College London and the University of Exeter. The interdisciplinary team is working on a diverse research agenda.

We aim to use novel life-history models to explain the diversity of trans-generational effects among species in a changing world.

We hypothesise that trans-generational effects are an adaptive consequence of evolved life-history strategies, and therefore we can predict the ecological conditions under which they arise.